OakTec’s Pulse-R™ gas engine is an innovative, low cost, internal combustion engine that has been prototyped, developed and extensively tested using a range of gas fuels, including bio-gas, with exceptional results in terms of efficiency and emissions.

Pulse-R has the potential to become a global game-changing technology in small to medium-sized industrial engines and hybrid vehicle range-extenders, in particular for gas fuelled and bio-gas applications.

Unlike most new engine concepts that add technical complication to the architecture or operating cycle, or that require new materials and manufacturing processes, Pulse-R applies lateral thought to all the factors that makes a conventional engine more efficient.

Pulse-R delivers a solution that succeeds through harnessing gas dynamics in an architecture that is simpler, less costly and more reliable even than a basic conventional piston engine. The Pulse-R technology is applied from the piston upwards and so can be fitted to any existing 4-stroke petrol or diesel architecture.

The base engine for the Pulse-R prototype is a global best-selling 400cc diesel engine rated at 10hp at 3,600 rpm. Using the original diesel bottom end with a Pulse-R piston and cylinder head, the prototype delivers 10hp at just 2,100 rpm and has developed over 15hp at 3,500 rpm from propane gas, whilst delivering best in class fuel efficiency. The development process is continuing to make significant gains. Emissions tests suggest that Pulse-R can meet 2019 emissions regulations without exhaust after-treatment.