The Pulse-R™ engine

OakTec’s Pulse-R™ gas engine is an innovative, low cost, internal combustion engine that has been prototyped, developed and extensively tested using a range of gas fuels, including bio-gas, with exceptional results in terms of efficiency and emissions.

Pulse-R has the potential to become a global game-changing technology in small to medium-sized industrial engines and hybrid vehicle range-extenders, in particular for gas fuelled and bio-gas applications.

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OakTec Biogas Engine for Africa

Another success story. See new Inovate Uk video here:    

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OakTec test hydrogen engine prototype

OakTec 260cc  experimental prototype engine running on hydrogen for the first time.  After just a couple of minutes running, the engine was delivering 5HP at 3000 rpm with zero emissions. By running ultra lean burn the NOx is all but eliminated. OakTec plans to develop a fully optimised hydrogen engine.

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Watch This Pulse-R Engine Video by KTN

A video by KTN made for Innovate UK tells the Pulse-R story.

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