The Pulse-R™ engine

OakTec’s Pulse-R™ gas engine is an innovative, low cost, internal combustion engine that has been prototyped, developed and extensively tested using a range of gas fuels, including bio-gas, with exceptional results in terms of efficiency and emissions.

Pulse-R has the potential to become a global game-changing technology in small to medium-sized industrial engines and hybrid vehicle range-extenders, in particular for gas fuelled and bio-gas applications.

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OakTec Presents Pulse-R Zero at Lancaster Hydrogen Hub Event

OakTec Recently partnered up with NanoSUN to  deliver a hydrogen powered buggy to demonstrate the future prospects for a hydrogen economy. Utilising NanoSUN’s innovative low cost fuelling systems and developing on Pulse-R Zero gas engine technology, OakTec were able to produce a fully functioning vehicle that had no hydrocarbon or NOx emissions. As well as […]

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OakTec embracing additive manufacturing technologies

OakTec has recently purchased an FDM 3D printer in order to aid design and produce prototype parts before final manufacture. The printer uses PLA filament to create both visual and functional parts, PLA is a bioplastic produced from plant starch and sugar cane that will degrade, when exposed, in months rather than conventional plastics millennia. […]

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Pulse-R Zero Hydrogen Engine Launched at All Energy 2019

OakTec has launched the exciting new Pulse-R Zero hydrogen combustion engine at All Energy 2019 at the SECC in Glasgow. The engine, which emits water vapour as its only exhaust emission, was displayed on the European Marine Energy Centre (EMEC) stand on the Wednesday (15th), and on the UK Research and Innovation stand on the […]

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