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What is Pulse-R ?

Pulse-R is a UK invention of a novel 4 stroke piston engine that has the potential to become a global game changing technology in small to medium sized industrial engines and hybrid vehicle range extenders and in particular for gas fuelled and bio-gas applications.
Pulse-R is a very low risk new technology with a low investment cost required to access high volume markets. Why?
Unlike most new engine concepts that add technical complication to the architecture or operating cycle, or that require new materials and manufacturing processes, the Pulse-R concept applies lateral thought to all the factors that makes a conventional engine more efficient and delivers a solution that succeeds through harnessing well understood phenomena of gas dynamics in an architecture that is more simple, less costly and more reliable even than a basic conventional piston engine. The Pulse-R technology is applied from the piston upwards and so can be fitted to any existing 4 stroke petrol or diesel architecture.

Pulse-R works. It has been built tested and bench-marked against global best in class and, burning propane gas, delivered over 35% more torque between 1000 and 3500 rpm than the benchmark 400cc DI diesel engine upon which the prototype is based .

Pulse-R gains efficiency and reduces emissions through the following benefits over a conventional piston engine.

Greatly reduced pumping losses

Theoretically ideal combustion chamber shape

Excellent exhaust scavenging

Lower mechanical losses through fewer moving parts and low loss valve train

Ability to be tuned to self supercharge without an external compressor

Excellent torque at very low to medium engine speeds

It can run with very high compression ratio without compromising breathing efficiency

Its characteristics allow full optimisation for gaseous fuels without the need for an external supercharging device.

Pulse-R is very simple to manufacture. It is estimated that manufacturing costs will be reduced by over 25% compared to a basic industrial engine.

It will be low cost to develop for production as it requires only optimisation and detailed development and there are no significant technical or manufacturing hurdles to overcome and it can be built on any existing piston engine base.

It is more reliable in that there is less to go wrong and every component in the engine is fully mature and already manufactured at high volume and low cost. Valve train stresses are very low.

It has global patents filed to cover its novelty in architecture, operating systems and manufacturing and the Pulse-R brand is covered by international trade-mark protection.

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