OakTec Presents Pulse-R Zero at Lancaster Hydrogen Hub Event

OakTec Recently partnered up with NanoSUN to  deliver a hydrogen powered buggy to demonstrate the future prospects for a hydrogen economy. Utilising NanoSUN’s innovative low cost fuelling systems and developing on Pulse-R Zero gas engine technology, OakTec were able to produce a fully functioning vehicle that had no hydrocarbon or NOx emissions. As well as demonstrating the buggy OakTec’s CEO, Paul Andrews, was invited to present at the event, giving VIP’s and stakeholders in the hydrogen industry the opportunity to understand the range of possibilities for the future hydrogen economy.

For propelling vehicles, hydrogen is commonly utilised in fuel cells. While this is a viable technology, a combustion engine offers a much lower cost alternative and one that can use low grade hydrogen or hydrogen mixed with other gas fuels. Pulse-R Zero can be produced in the existing supply chain and integrate into future vehicle production with limited modification. OakTec believes this project helps demonstrate the versatility of the Pulse-R Zero technology, complimenting OakTec’s existing bio-gas and LPG engines in a  range of applications from vehicles to power generators.

The Pulse-R Zero effectively demonstrated this at the event to a crowd of industry leaders as well as an MP and MEP! Unfortunately the buggy was unable to drive at the event due to the tight confines and crowd but the Pulse-R Zero still fired up as easily as ever, impressing all with its ease to respond to throttle input and the only emissions being water. See the first drive out of the garage below!

Although the Pulse-R Zero was presented here in a buggy, OakTec firmly see the technology helping a range of sectors. This includes the domestic power sector where the Pulse-R Zero technology could be utilised in micro CHP to allow excess renewable energy stored as hydrogen to be re-deployed in engines when there is a demand for the power generation and heat.