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Who are we?

Founded by Paul Andrews and Bill Meeson, Oaktec is an independent company with a history in the development of novel technologies in the area of low carbon road transport and power generation. Oaktec is now solely focussed on the development and commercialisation of the Pulse-R engine innovation.

We have a unique team of highly talented engineers working on our projects. Between us we have a wealth of experience drawn from the automotive, motorsports, aerospace and electrical systems industries. We have strong links with industrial, manufacturing and academic partners.
Key members of the Pulse-R design and manufacturing team were formerly senior engineers with TVR sportscars and they have experience in full engine design, development and manufacturing programs for both road and motorsport. These programs included in house development for certification of their own high performance engine designs for Euro 3 and Euro 4 emission regulations, and successful race engines developed for the Le Mans 24 hour race and the World Touring Car Championship.

Oaktec is developing a novel low cost internal combustion engine concept with improved efficiency called Pulse-R that is especially suited to burning gaseous fuels including bio-methane. The first working prototypes were built in 2000 and the technology is now being further developed through collaboration with industrial and academic partners.

In 2014 in the PREMO project Oaktec developed a second generation Pulse-R engine with funding support from the Niche Vehicle Network. This new prototype multi-gas fuelled engine is producing excellent power and fuel efficiency with low emissions in laboratory testing.

Previous Technology Developments

Oaktec was one of 5 partner companies in the TSB funded CYD project developing a safe, low cost, low carbon vehicle platform for young drivers. Our responsibility within this project was to develop a low cost, light weight power train and prototype concepts of both a combustion engine and hybrid drive-train solution. These powertrains were tested in a mule vehicle built by Oaktec to comply with L7 quadricycle regulations.

With GOTec we developed the GOKERS concept, an energy harvesting technology that uses super capacitors as a power buffer interfaced with batteries through a novel,light weight high speed power inverter.

In partnership with MIRA and Dalaero, and supported by NVN, Oaktec were project leaders in the ASTAN project that investigated the aerodynamic potential of a tandem seat small car. ASTAN achieved Cd 0.185 and will be used in the future to demonstrate Oaktec’s vehicle power train innovations.

Oaktec is committed to creating and developing new products through working with clusters of compatible enterprises and to take concepts to market by collaborating with UK based manufacturers.

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