Power and efficiency  #01

What started as a 10HP Diesel engine......

The base engine for the Pulse-R prototype is a global best selling 400cc diesel engine. It is rated at 10HP at 3600rpm.
Using the original diesel bottom end with a Pulse-R piston and cylinder head the prototype delivers 10HP at just 2100 rpm and has seen over 15HP at 3500rpm from propane gas, whilst delivering best in class fuel efficiency. The development process is continuing to make significant gains. Emissions tests suggest that Pulse-R can meet 2019 emissions regulations without exhaust after-treatment.

Our development project aims to achieve 45% thermal efficiency and a BSFC of below 200g/kWhr and early measurements and simulations suggest that we can achieve this whilst retaining outstanding performance, and market leading low emissions. The prototype has been tested and developed for over 2 years and has had 100% mechanical reliability.

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